Lectrofan White Noise Machine – 8 Ways it Can Impact Health

Lectrofan White Noise Machine - Good for More than Just Sleep?

In short, the Lectrofan White Noise Machine is a simple, inexpensive gadget that helps you sleep better. It helps to block out disruptive noises that prevent you from falling asleep as well as staying asleep.

In addition, some people use their Lectrofans at the office to help them focus more and be more productive. You can use these devices during the day to drown out sounds from loud neighbors or interruptive street noise. They work well for napping babies too!

8 Health Benefits of Getting Better Sleep

Lectrofan White Noise Machine VS Regular Fans

Lectrofan White Noise MakerMany people like the Lectrofan because it offers a variety of different fan sounds and white noise options. Unlike using a traditional fan, you can adjust the volume to overpower even loud noises.

Plus, you can easily travel with this compact device. (Try that with a regular fan!) Take it on trips or to the office. Some people even pack it with them to go camping.

In addition, the Lectrofan doesn’t move air around. Therefore, if you are sleeping in a cool room and prefer not to have a windstorm as well, you don’t have to.

And, just like a standard small fan, this white noise maker uses virtually no electricity. Thus, it is very energy efficient – even more than most fans.

How Can the Lectrofan Help Your Health?

You may think that sleep problems are annoying. However, they can impact your health in a variety of detrimental ways.

The video below explains how lack of sleep can cause us to gain unwanted weight, weaken our immune systems, reduce our brain power and negatively impact our hormones. This information comes from actual medical research, not just theories.

Most of us don’t correlate these symptoms with lack of sleep. Instead, people often think they need to drink more coffee, go on a diet or take more vitamin C for their colds. These remedies can help, however, more sleep may help them overcome minimize many health issues.

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According to the company, LectroSound, over 500 million people suffer from sleep disorders worldwide. In addition, they spend billions of dollars each year trying to fix their sleeping problems. Compared to that, the Lectrofan white noise machine is cheap.

List of Lectrofan Sounds

Lectronfan Specs:

  • Includes 10 White Noise Options and 10 Fan Sounds
  • Has a Timer Function Built In
  • Color Options: White or Black
  • Dimensions: 3.9″ long x 2.8″ wide x 1.2″ tall
  • Weight: Approximately 1 lb
  • Where to Buy Lectrofan