Alexia Ergonomic Meditation Seat [Is it Worth the Price?]

Alexia Meditation SeatDo you want to get started in meditation but find it difficult to find a comfortable seated position? The Alexia Meditation Seat was designed with you in mind.

What is the Advantage to Getting an Alexia Meditation Chair?

This specially-designed “chair” helps to relieve any hip tension as well as minimize stress you might have. Therefore, your body can completely relax, making it easier (and more comfortable!) to meditate.

This factor alone helps meditators establish a regular meditation practice because they look forward to it. Thus, meditating is more effective and delivers increased benefits.

How Does the Alexia Seat Work?

Ergonomic Meditation Seat in 24 different colorsThe seat angles your legs to make it easy to sit up straight and maintain a healthy, comfortable posture.

You can enjoy this “sukhasana” pose without putting body weight on your legs, which can make people feel strained or tense.

In fact, the Alexia makes a great seat for working, watching television or other daily activities where you sit. It can help you improve your posture and also relax.

The video below explains how the design works to promote the ideal posture with minimal effort.

What Do Other People Think?

Some people compare this meditation seat to other chairs in their home, stating that it’s significantly more comfortable than standard furniture. The position makes it easier to get in and out of. Plus some people have experienced relief from their back pain.

The higher price deters some people, considering that you can get most meditation pillows for much less money. However, you can seat that the Alexia is in a league of its own.

This seat provides the ergonomic support that many people want when they sit for extended periods of time. Plus, they discover that they use it more often than they originally thought.

Compared to a meditation cushion, the Alexia Meditation Seat can appear expensive. On the other hand, compared to an ergonomic office chair or living room chair, it doesn’t seem expensive at all.

Alexia Meditation Seat Specs: